Fine-Art Prints from Original paintings in limited Editions

Available soon !

Since the original paintings of contemporary artist Cornelia Hagmann are usually very large, we have produced some smaller high quality Fine-Art Prints of a exclusive selection of her original paintings in a limited edition.

They should be affordable for everyone who likes them and is interested in Cornelia Hagmann's art, but have not so much space available or just want to own a smaller piece of her art.

These Museum quality Fine-Art Prints will be available in different sizes and in different production types. On special request we can produce your Fine-Art Print on Chroma-Lux, on Canvas or behind Acrylic Glass. Each production type has his own special characteristics. We are happy to give you advice, which production type may look best with your preferred work of art.

Each Fine-Art Print exists in a limited edition of three to five copies and is originally signed and numbered by the artist.

These exclusive and most beautiful Fine-Art Prints will be available soon in various designs here in our online-shop. Come back and check for availability!